I have been training voices for over 30 years, and as I am currently keeping up to date with all of the live reality TV shows and all the great voices we have in this beautiful country of ours, I am constantly surprised at the lack of vocal training and technique amongst young singers today. As I said "Great Voices" but not necessarily "Great Singers" To me there is a very big difference. It is one thing to be able to learn a song and figure out all the ways around register breaks and connections etc, yet it's another to be able to sing anything thrown at you, purely because the voice is already beautifully placed and fully developed, including tonal quality, pitch and power, all supported by excellent breathing where voice and breath are always equal.
Style is up to the singer, but how great is it to be able to play around with things and always have a foundation to come back to, just to stay in shape.
When I produced my "10 Essential Lessons For Easy Singing www.voiceology.com.au   I tried to give singers from every walk of life a foundation to build on, develop the voice and also have a life long series of exercises to come back to whenever they simply needed to brush up.
The voice is an instrument just like any other, especially when we think of a flute or clarinet, or any other "wind" instrument, we need to understand that we can develop the voice with training and take it to a whole new level.
Training the voice first and getting some good vocal skills and hygiene in place opens up a whole new world for singers.
The most important way to improve vocally is simple "Practise" You do the work and the exercises will do the rest!
My favourite quote is "Natural talent is great, but Technique is what's needed to go the distance!"